She’s A Sick Bird

June 16, 2017

Kyle is on his own this time and is talking Matt Hughes, Conor V Floyd, UFC Singapore, Bellator NYC, Demetrious Johnson Vs Dana White, Cavs Vs Warriors post series, teenage manslaughter conviction, Bill Cosby, stupid things military members do, and crazy parenting methods. 


Avocado Toast Is Ruining Your Future

June 9, 2017

Matt and Kyle discuss Roseanne coming back, movie news, Bonnaroo issues, cultural appropriation, Millenials ruining the world, Comey trial, MMA news, and more. 


Cargo Plane Full Of Rubber Dog Sh!t

May 25, 2017

After a lengthy hiatus, topics include Top Gun 2, Penis Transplants, Fitness Insecurities, Trump, Manchester, UFC news and notes, and more. 


Round 5 - Facebook Live Experiment

April 22, 2017

Topics include learning to use Facebook Live, trying to hit the head in public without getting hasseled, Spicer being a bozo, Fate Of The Furious, the Facebook Live killing, Aaron Hernandez, Bill O'Reilly getting the boot and more rambling. 


Round 4: Thor seems kinda gay

April 13, 2017

Updated Syrian missile attack news, cops delivering ground 'n' pound, United passenger, Trump's cake, a quick UFC 210 recap, Thor Ragnarok trailer, Fast and the Furious franchise and random tangents. 


Round 3

April 6, 2017

Matt and Kyle discuss artificial intelligence, Syria, Ivy League admissions, drunken Montanans, suicidal deer, movie trailers and Matt makes his UFC 210 picks. 


Round 2.5

April 4, 2017

In this solo episode, Kyle goes into a sports only episode. Topics include the NCAA tournament, Bellator and UFC, Lexi Thompson, Wrestlemania and an in depth review of MLB opening day. 


Round 2

March 19, 2017

Matt and Kyle discuss last weeks UFC Fight Night, the NCAA tournament thus far, a beating for a good deed, the pig human and more. 


Round 1

March 19, 2017

Kyle and Matt discuss Arian Foster fighting a wolf, UFC 209 fallout, Fight Night predictions, A Day Without A Woman, overrated movies, Vince the Rhino, Trump's Correspondence Dinner boycott and more.

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March 19, 2017

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